Neil has extensive knowledge of horticulture and practical skills in this area too, these have been gained by studying and practising floristry to the highest level possible in the U.K., from studying horticulture through the RHS and commercial applications of horticulture.

Horticulture involves many aspects that relate to plants, including design, propagation, establishing plants, cultivation, care and maintenance.  Neil has had experience in all these fields and continues to do so by working for clients.

In the last three months, Neil has undertaken a commission to produce a number of planting schemes and a maintenance programme for a top London club, whilst also working for other clients and taking on new commissions such as mulching numerous borders in a garden with bark chips to prevent weed growth.

Horticulture is all about successfully growing plants in a range of environments and maintaining them to optimise their performance and aesthetic values whether they are for leisure or commercial purposes.  The challenges of achieving success with plants is a motivational factor that inspires Neil to do what he does with horticulture.  No one style can be attributed to what Neil does within horticulture; he is happy to work with traditional and/or contemporary theory, often fusing both  together to give a unique result.

Neil has experience of delivering teaching in the subject area of horticulture and continues to deliver training in this subject as well as carrying out practical duties in horticulture for a number of commercial and private clients.

Before and After

A selection of pictures showing the development of new planting schemes and choices.