Training & Demonstrations - Wired Wreath step by step, 9 August 2012

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"What is the connection with the London 2012, Lowry and Hadlow College?"

Neil is designing and creating a wired wreath, the finished design is to be used by a client as a piece of wall art. Neil is also planning to construct similar structures for inclusion in Christmas floristry demonstrations; the first at Hadlow College on Tuesday, 20th November, 2012.

"I have decided to base this on a polychromatic colour harmony, using aluminium wires in violet, red, orange, yellow, green and blue to construct the frame. When selecting and preparing my materials, I laid out the reels of aluminium wire in the same sequence that they would appear in the colour wheel. Before starting to work with them, I placed randomly on my workbench, they reminded me of the different coloured circles as they appear on the Olympic flag...six rings instead of five."

The aluminium wires are to be used to construct the wreath structure (violet, red, orange, yellow, green and blue).

The wires as laid out are reminiscent of the coloured circles that appear on the Olympic flag; the only difference is that I have six rings.

Bend the aluminium wire in to a small loop and twist it three or four times to secure the loop in place. Leave a space of approximately 15-20cm (straight) along the length of the aluminium wire before forming a further loop.

Continue this process all the way along the total length of the aluminium wire.

Unravel the frenzy of loops and aluminium wire, straightening the spacing lengths of 15-20cm.

Interesting: This image reminds me of "Lowry's figures, as seen in his many paintings."

Work with each of the six rolls of aluminium wire in the same way; when each reel of aluminium wire has been worked the assembly of the wreath will commence.