Training & Demonstrations - Inspiration from David Hockney, 4 March 2012

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Inspiration from David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture

I attended this exhibition and was blown away by the images that Hockney has created, it is interesting to look at Hockneys use of the elements of design within these works of art; colour, form, space and texture.

The colours used represent the subject matter of trees, shrubs, plants, seasons, buildings, skies and landscapes that this exhibition covers, the juxtaposition of some of the colours appear startling at first, but looking into the pictures and at them you see that this is truly visible when you study nature in more depth. Each picture has a 3-dimensional perspective, you feel like you are there within that wooded area, the lane that is bordered on both sides with Hawthorn blossom leading you towards that tunnel of Hawthorn which is just a few paces away from where you are standing. The space within these unique pictures captures the feelings of each of the areas and landscapes of Yorkshire that Hockney has recorded, the contrasts between the sparseness and density of trees and plants in the wooded areas, fields and countryside, each picture whether small or large gives a sense of the scale and proportion of the subject matter.

Textures of the grasses, leaves, flowers, bark, trees, shrubs, blossoms, pathways, roads, walls and so on are accentuated by the mediums and colours used to show them, brushstrokes and swirls of oils on the trunks of the trees give the rough scratchy grainy appearance associated with wood and timber.

Having visited this exhibition I have gained inspiration to engage further within the world of floristry and flower arranging drawing on aspects highlighted by Hockney within this exhibition. I am driven by emotion, this has fuelled my love and passion for working with nature and its many treasures. Botany for all the wonderful plant materials that are available, the abundance of seasonal materials. My hankering to create unique designs for a range of purposes as arrangements, bouquets, indoor and outdoor installations that show my abilities as a floral designer to work with a range of methodologies. The challenge to use a wider range of techniques within my design work that incorporate natural seasonal materials being fused together with craftwork. I will not limit myself by working with materials from only one geographical area, although some designs may feature one type of material, I will try to recreate these using a range of different materials to show variations.

I am excited by the prospects gained from viewing Hockneys work, the title "A Bigger Picture" is a clever play on words, as many of the pictures are large in size, however, they also open your eyes and mind to see and explore more of what nature has to offer. The picture below is my own interpretation of an area of woodland that is close to where I live, after having visited the Hockney exhibition I painted this using my iPad.