NAFAS Surrey Area Show 'BOXCLEVER', 29 March 2012

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Towards the end of 2011 at Coulsdon Flower Club, Sue Tausig and myself decided that it was time to get more involved in joint activities in the world of floristry and flower arranging, so we decided that we would enter NAFAS Surrey Area Show 'BOXCLEVER' in March 2012.

Several meetings and planning sessions later we had our design; a box that contained a balloon bouquet. More weeks of planning and prepping followed during which we made sample constructions and components that could be incorporated within our final design, along with trips to New Covent Garden Flower Market and wholesalers to source and identify flowers and materials.

The final idea was to have a large open box frame partly covered with paper, cellophane and woven panels of Corylus maxima, Fagus sylvatica and Betula sp giving rise to five balloons constructed of papier mâché each layered with rose petals and Ficinea fasicularis splaying out above them. After contemplating over the colours of each balloon, it was decided that each would be one of the following colours: blue, red, orange, yellow and green, using Rosa Vendella D Blue, Rosa Gr Wanted, Rosa Kalahari, Rosa Tara and Rosa Limbo.

As the day of the competition looms nearer and nearer the anticipation and excitement are building up to a crescendo with both Sue and myself getting anxious about wanting to receive a prize and a place in the top three for the class entered. We have four hours in which to stage our entry, we are aware that time will pass by quickly, having planned and prepared our design we are confident that we should be able to complete and stage this within the specified timescale.

The day after staging and setting up, we will find out the results of the competition, as will visitors and other competitors, we will publicise and celebrate our participation once the results are known, meanwhile we will enjoy working together and collaborating to design and construct our display to the best of our abilities.