Cannington Horticultural Group - Sunday, 4th December, 2011

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Today Neil Bain MDPF treated members to a virtual tour of his home at Christmas time, and shared with them his inspiration for his Christmas floral decorations and displays along with details of how to create them.

Hanging on the front door was a contemporary icy-looking wreath decorated with strip of Betula utilis and individual heads of Cymbidium. A modern door decoration which evoked the cold weather that is normally acquainted with the Christmas season decorated with papery bark and waxy flowers.

Walking into the hall guests gasped when they saw a vase filled with a luxurious hand tied of Longiflorum, Ilex verticillata and artificial silver grasses and seed heads.

The next room to be entered was a reception room where aperitifs were to be served whilst guests gazed at the large front facing symmetrical arrangement; the outline was reinforced with Corylus branches and Taxus baccata to support a line of red Asiatic lilies running down the centre, balanced with placements of red Dianthus caryophyllus, red Dianthus sp (spray carnation) and filled with Gaultheria shallon.

Adorning the dining room table were two wreaths filled with a mixture of Hedera helix arborescens, Taxus baccata, Thuja koraiensis with cones and Ilex aquafolium and decorated with Chrysanthemum 'Anastasia' and Chrysanthemum indicum 'Stallion' each wreath was placed around a large square pillar candle with four wicks each. 

Two beautiful arrangements with snowy-white flowers and different textured foliages placed along the centre of the table.

After the meal guests were taken in to the library for coffee and liqueurs and the opportunity to exchange gifts, the warmth from the real fire commanded the guests attention as did the exquisite white mantelpiece arrangement placed above the fire. A traditional-style display of Gaultheria shallon, Anthurium andreanum and Rosa 'Avalanche' with Nelumbo nucifera, Pinus cones, decorative glue trees and folded prospectuses.

Members thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour and step by step instructions on how to recreate Neil's designs, copying them or using components to create their own unique designs that could 'Deck their halls'.